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VM Aware Database Performance Monitor - Completely FREE

DBAs and VMware admins can't manage what they can't see.  SolarWinds Free Databse Monitor - VM Option (formerly IgniteFreeVM) is the only free VMware performance monitoring tool linking visibility of the database, virtual server, physical server, and storage layers. 

VMware MultilayerSolarWinds Free Databse Monitor - VM Option (formerly IgniteFreeVM) removes the availability and performance uncertainty that comes with shifting critical databases from physical servers to VMware. 

Taking only minutes to install, IgnitefreeVM connects to vCenter or ESX/ESXi and the monitored database instances (Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, and DB2) using read-only credentials.

By seeing changes on the physical host server that impact CPU, memory, or I/O available to a database,  a DBA can ensure reliable operations and service levels when virtualizing the database.

For VMware administrators, understanding the database interaction with VMware can ensure success critical tier 1 applications as they move to the virtual platform. 

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After you see the power of our VMware performance monitoring tool, you'll want all the details. The full feature, Database Performance Analyzer - VM Option, offers unlimited history, expert advice, customizable reports, and alerts. Drill into top programs, disk, memory, CPU, and database waits to isolate the root cause of your query response time issues. 

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IgniteFree FAQs

  • What is Free Database Monitor (IgniteFree)?

    SolarWinds Free Database Monitor (formerly IgniteFree) is a completely free performance tool that gives the power of response-time monitoring and analysis to any DBA or database developer. It monitors continuously and provides real time SQL performance information, session detail, and server health on both on physical and virtual (VMware) servers.

  • Why is Free Database Monitor different?

    SolarWinds Free Database Monitor (formerly IgniteFree) uses the response time monitoring technology pioneered by Confio Software. Unlike other free tools that show just a few server health statistics, IgniteFree shows the real time bottlenecks that slow applications.  

    SolarWinds Free Database Monitor (formerly IgniteFree) is the only free database performance product that correlates the effect physical and VMware server resources have on response time.

  • Why is it free?

    The free versions are a subset of the full features found in SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (formerly Confio Ignite). The free versions give DBAs, developers, and VMware admins a great introduction to the power of response time analysis. We offer free versions as an easy way to become familiar with the benefits.

  • Where do you get support?

    IgniteFree is self supported with info on our Knowledge Base and the IgniteFree user forum. There is no direct technical support for the free version.  Join the community to get help from Confio moderators and other users.

  • How do you upgrade from the free to full version?

    No new software is required, just a full trial key to open up all features. Contact Confio (license@confio.com) to request your 14 day trial key, including technical support, and a performance consultation.

  • What repository server is required for the free version?

    Any Oracle or SQL Server instance will do, including Oracle Express and SQL Server Express.

  • What is the difference between Free Database Monitor and the VM Option?

    If at least one of the databases you anticipate monitoring is running on VMware then you will want to download Free Database Monitor - VM Option. The VM Option adds visibility to the VMware server layers.

  • What is the VM-Option?

    It is a free performance monitoring tool designed for DBAs whose databases run on VMware servers, and for VMware administrators interested in ensuring the success of databases on their virtual platforms.